Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it true...

Iceland ended up second in this year ESC with Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir singing the song "Is it true?"
Norway won with 387 points, which is 169 points more than little Iceland (points 218).

2nd place is not 1st but it is the highest place Iceland could afford to get... Winning would have meant hosting the contest next year and surely this would not have been wise in the actual economical context.

Iceland does not have any location big enough for such a venue. Building something is out of the question! With what money???

So 2nd is very good. It's good enough as it puts Iceland on the map: something Icelanders crave for.

The "question of the day" published in yesterday Fréttablaðið was: did you wash Eurovision?... The result speaks for itself! Are we speaking lobotomy here or what!?!? ... or "Is it true?"

I was part of the 11% and enjoyed an almost empty movie theater room. Brilliant!!!

Weather outside: Partly sunny, 9°C

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