Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it true...

Iceland ended up second in this year ESC with Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir singing the song "Is it true?"
Norway won with 387 points, which is 169 points more than little Iceland (points 218).

2nd place is not 1st but it is the highest place Iceland could afford to get... Winning would have meant hosting the contest next year and surely this would not have been wise in the actual economical context.

Iceland does not have any location big enough for such a venue. Building something is out of the question! With what money???

So 2nd is very good. It's good enough as it puts Iceland on the map: something Icelanders crave for.

The "question of the day" published in yesterday Fréttablaðið was: did you wash Eurovision?... The result speaks for itself! Are we speaking lobotomy here or what!?!? ... or "Is it true?"

I was part of the 11% and enjoyed an almost empty movie theater room. Brilliant!!!

Weather outside: Partly sunny, 9°C

Friday, May 15, 2009


The Eurovision song contest week is the most anticipated week in Iceland.
Tourists who will be waking in the city center on Saturday evening will feel like being in a "ghost town".

Icelanders are hosting "Eurovision Parties", watching the contest with friends and/or family with copious amount of drinks. I guess you need a lot of drink to watch this show.

Iceland has only been participating since 1986 but every year since the country is "heavily" behind their representative singer(s).

Let's roll back the years:

1986 ICY with the song "Gleðibankinn"

1987 Halla Margrét with the song "Hægt og hljótt"

1988 Beathoven with the song "Þú og þeir (Sókrates)"

1989 Daníel Ágúst with the song "Það sem enginn sér"

1990 Stjórnin with the song "Eitt lag enn"

1991 Stefán & Eyfi with the song "Draumur um Nínu"

1992 Heart 2 Heart with the song "Nei eða já"

1993 Inga with the song "Þá veistu svarið"

1994 Sigga with the song "Nætur"

1995 Bo Halldórsson with the song "Núna"

1996 Anna Mjöll with the song "Sjúbídú"

1997 Páll Óskar with the song "Minn hinsti dans"
1999 Selma with the song "All Out of Luck"

2000 August & Telma with the song "Tell Me!"

2001 Two Tricky with the song "Angel"

2003 Birgitta with the song "Open Your Heart"

2004 Jónsi with the song "Heaven"

2005 Selma with the song "If I Had Your Love"

2006 Silvia Night with the song "Congratulations" - Surely my favorite!!!

2007 Eiríkur Hauksson with the song "Valentine Lost"

2008 Euroband with the song "This Is My Life"

2009 Yohanna "with the song Is It True?"

Weather outside: Partly sunny, 9°C