Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A polar bear (ísbjörn) was sighted yesterday morning on Þverárfjall by Sauðárkrókur in the North of the country. This is extremely rare: the polar bear gets stranded on an iceberg that some currents would bring close to Iceland.

The police was asked to kill to wild animal as shows the picture (Páll Kristinsson). A polar bear is surely not in the best of moods after having spend several days on tiny block of ice in the middle of the ocean... So no risk were taken and the animal was shot down.

The question of the day, spurning dagsins, in Fréttablaðið is: "Was it necessary to shoot down the polar bear?"
We will have to wait until tomorrow to get the final answer of the survey but already 57.3% have answered NO.

If you wonder what was the question from the previous day? "Have you eaten whale meat?" 68% Yes and 32% No.

Weather outside: mostly sunny, 10°C

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