Tuesday, May 27, 2008


25°C (77°F)... This was the temperature forecasted for Egilsstaðir yesterday. Egilsstaðir is located in the East of the country and tends to have higher temperatures over the summer.

Egilsstaðir did not get the 25°C forecasted but just a "mere" 22°C (71.6°F)... and we had 10/11°C (50/52°F) in Reykjavík.

The next few days are still nice in the East and still rather fresh in the West with almost always 5/6°C difference between Egilsstaðir (top) and Reykjavík (bottom).

With such difference in temperature between East and West, there is no point getting a summer house in Spain, Croatia, or any other Mediterranean country... Just head to Egilsstaðir!!!

weather outside: Mostly cloudy, 11°C

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