Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aurorae borealis...

YES!!!... I finally did it!!!...

At last, I was able to take some pictures of northern lights (aurora borealis).
It took some time but I'm quite happy about my first series of shots. I do still need to play around with the camera's settings (ISO, F-steps, shutter speed).

The shot on the right is from the little church in Búðir, snæfellsnes.

Búðir is already mystical during daylight so with northern lights waving above our heads the place just became magical.

If you want to see more shots taken that night, you can see them on my web page: http://site.voila.fr/gonguleid/lights.html

Weather outside: cloudy, 4°C

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TOF said...

Congratulations.... more more more... ;-)